Jobs in North America

Jobs in North America

The economic system requires a person who participates in main parts of the economy and paid employment. This system has provided us well, what about the incredible invention and a wealth of goods and the service. If people are able, ready and willing to be employed, but there is enough jobs in North America for all candidates? These people are doomed to be excluded, marginalized for poverty?

There is no new situation. We had drama "Sea Change" the development of labor markets in the course of history. 150 years ago, earned nearly 80% of American workers a living and working on farms is desperately trying to manufacture enough to feed us all and dressed. Currently, less than three percent of us generate more plants than we know what to do with it.

In the last moment of the century the jobs in North America that is an amalgamation of the phenomenal changes in technology, productivity increases and import more products from our factory in countries with lower wage groups, we have from a climax of reduced about 40% of us who are in factories so far only 13% of us work. U.S. remains by far the largest industrial country in the world - just not many people need to do it.

There are many other changes in the demand for labor was. What about the thousands of children from pumping gas pumps now have we? There were more than millions of people used to fix things and find jobs in North America. Now, as the technician Maytag alone, there is less need for them because most home appliances, electronics, shoes and other disposable items such as cars less maintenance. Many busy professionals, the hundreds of people have changed.

I subscribe to the newspaper and magazines, but my children do not. All employment issues with the writing, reporting, printing and distribution of magazines is connected to disappear. Books on paper will be with e-books at a startling pace, a different process technology and large chain bookstores now replaced closed. My children have no telephone connection, another industry that goes on the road. Join physical systems to deliver music or movies you will soon be all stacks of old vinyl in the place of the antiques business. The U.S. Postal Office is now a part of business of delivery of catalogs and brochures, and they can not do on their costs. They give birth to a number of statements and bills, but the bills paid online, and it was only an issue of time before the paper mail accounts and statements are relegated to the history and the post office with him.

If all firms in an industry in the North America follow the same rules for all subjects, they will only raise prices to envelop their extra costs as they do now, if costs rise from their raw material and other costs. Continue in the same position in the competition. And for us cooperatively as a state, the supplementary cost of goods by the cost of not having a culture where a significant portion are not be advantageously employed will be charged, and need support from society. This is the all about the jobs in North America.